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Advancing Law
and Management

As a multidisciplinary journal, IJRLM provides a platform for researchers, academicians, legal practitioners, and industry professionals to contribute their original research, innovative ideas, and critical analyses on a wide range of topics encompassing both law and management disciplines.


The journal covers a broad spectrum of subject areas, including but not limited to business law, corporate governance, intellectual property, international trade, human resource management, organizational behavior, strategic management, and entrepreneurship.

Multi Indexed


IJLRM provides Free DOI for every paper published

Multi Disciplinary Peer Reviewed

Open Access, Refereed Journal

Our Services

Unlock a world of comprehensive services tailored to your research needs, including publication opportunities, editing and proofreading assistance, and a monthly magazine, all designed to enhance your academic journey.

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Showcase Research

Unlock your research potential and get published in the International Journal of Research in Law and Management (IJRLM).


Editing and Proofreading

Our experienced team of professionals meticulously review your manuscript, refining its grammar, style, and coherence to meet the highest standards of academic writing.


Connecting Ideas

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and thought leadership in the realms of law and management through our engaging monthly Journal.

Get Published

The journal invites submissions from students, academicians, lawyers, judges and other esteemed members of the legal and management fraternity on any theme related to Management and Law. Inter-disciplinary approach and comparative research shall be encouraged.


Perks of being published at IJRLM

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