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About the Journal

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Greetings from Team IJRLM,


The Indian Journal for Research in Law and Management [IJRLM], is a peer-reviewed journal that was established in the year 2023. We are pleased to announce ourselves as a prominent forum for law and management scholars, researchers, and practitioners. We aim to create a broad and multidisciplinary venue for intellectual exchange and cutting-edge research at IJRLM. Our publication serves as a forum for the exchange of creative concepts, intellectual insights, and practical expertise in the constantly evolving fields of law and management.

We believe in the ability of research to enhance society and answer the difficulties that legal and management professionals confront. Our goal is to make research that is thorough, insightful, and relevant to current trends and concerns in the legal and management worlds more widely available.


As an open-access journal, we ensure that our papers are readily accessible to a broad audience, therefore supporting knowledge democratization. We accept contributions from academics, scholars, and practitioners worldwide, and we use a strict peer-review procedure to verify the quality and authenticity of the research published in our journal.


The areas covered by IJRLM span a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to: Business Law and Corporate Governance, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property Rights, International Trade and Investment Law, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Public Policy, and Administration, etc.


We are dedicated to upholding the greatest academic integrity, innovation, and ethical publishing practices. Our editorial board is made up of distinguished specialists in the disciplines of law and management who carefully analyze each contribution to guarantee its intellectual value. We welcome evolving research techniques, multidisciplinary viewpoints, and novel approaches as a dynamic and forward-thinking publication. We urge scholars to push the limits of knowledge and explore new frontiers in their particular professions.


We sincerely thank our valued authors, reviewers, editorial board members, and readers for their vital assistance and trust. Through rigorous research and intellectual interaction, we hope to have a substantial effect on the disciplines of law and management.


Thank you for coming along on this exciting adventure of information generation and distribution with us. We encourage you to read our journal, submit your research, and become a part of the dynamic intellectual community that is the Indian Journal for Research in Law and Management.


Warm Regards,


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