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Article Processing Charges 

All of the manuscripts published by IJRLM are fully open access and distributed under a Creative Commons (CC BY) licence. This enables the scientific community and the general public to obtain quick, limitless, and free access to academic publications as well as the freedom to reuse the information so long as due credit is given to the authors.


IJRLM does not believe in making profits. We ask the authors to pay any charges that may arise only after the final stage selection of the articles. The charges if any vary according to the type of manuscript. The charges that are taken are only to compensate those who are involved in the editing and other processes to publish the manuscript. The requisite charges if any to paid will be communicated to the author via email.

Manuscript Publishing Charges (if any) covers the following:

  • The editing process, which includes handling peer review, author changes, and final judgement. IJRLM offers MPC discounts and exemptions to reviewers and editorial board members as a way of saying thanks for their crucial efforts. MPCs also pay for the administrative tasks associated with papers that are rejected.

  • Output of the article includes expert language editing, typesetting, formatting, and PDF output.

  • Hosting and distributing articles: upkeep of the website and communication with indexing databases.

  • Journal management includes overseeing the editorial board and website of the journal as well as promoting the publication among the scholarly community.

  • Philanthropy: The IJRLM supports initiatives that advance science, such as conference sponsorship, prizes, and awards.

Please take note that we begin working on the manuscript as soon as the manuscript processing fee (if any) is received, hence no refunds will be given following the payment of fees. Only before publication (and without receiving a reimbursement) can you remove your article; after a manuscript is published, no withdrawals are allowed.

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