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Publication Policy

The Indian Journal for Research in Law Management shall publish all its articles, blogs and research papers in English. The authors are recommended to follow the OSCOLA 4th Edition form of citation. Authors are required to strictly adhere to the Font Style - Times New Roman, Font Size - 14, Alignment - Justified, Line Spacing - 1.5, Page Orientation - Potrait. Please refrain from underling anything in the magazine and only use Bold where required.


IJRLM publishes twelve issues per year using a double-blind peer review procedure. The call for papers is made in the authors' interest to alert them about the same. No paper shall be published unless accompanied by a signed copyright declaration form. To remove a submitted work, authors must notify the editorial board through letter well in advance of publication. A document cannot be deleted or withdrawn after it has been published. 


The review panel may provide suggestions for improvements that the writers must follow. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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