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Peer Review Process

The IJRLM uses a double-blind peer review procedure, which implies that the identities of the reviewers and authors are kept secret from the reviewers and vice versa during the review process.

When an article is submitted for publication, the Editorial Team examines the manuscript for plagiarism using software and assigns two reviewers to undertake a double-blind peer review. The selection of articles for publication is based on the reviews of both reviewers. If any of the reviewers rejects the manuscript, the Editor-in-Chief has the authority to make a final decision on the publication of a paper based on the reviewers' comments and further after evaluating the importance of the manuscript to researchers and readers, as well as any current regulations regarding libel and copyright infringement and plagiarism.


Only the accepted manuscripts are published and needed to pay the Article Processing Charges.


It is compulsory for authors to participate in the journal's peer-review procedure. The authors are required to offer any explanations or pertinent information requested. If revisions are requested, the authors must respond to the changes point by point in a timely way and re-submit the paper within the time frame specified. The Manuscript will not be published unless the necessary revisions are agreed and implemented.

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