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Prof. Raman Tirpude

Assistant Professor of Management, Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur


Prof. Raman R. Tirpude is an accomplished Assistant Professor of Management specializing in Marketing and Human Resource Management. He currently holds a position at Maharashtra National Law University in Nagpur. With a total of 3 years of teaching experience and 4 years of corporate expertise, Prof. Tirpude brings a unique blend of academic and practical knowledge to his role. 

Before entering academia, he made significant contributions to the FMCG sector, working with industry-leading companies. During his corporate tenure, he had the opportunity to handle renowned brands, showcasing his exceptional marketing skills and proficiency in brand management. Additionally, he excelled as a Digital Marketer and Data Analyst, utilizing his analytical acumen to derive valuable insights from marketing campaigns. 

His academic contributions extend beyond the classroom. He has an impressive portfolio of research papers and articles published in prestigious journals such as UGC Care, Scopus, ABDC, as well as internationally well-known books and journals. His research interests encompass diverse domains, including Management, Law, and Economics. Furthermore, he has authored a highly regarded book on Marketing Management, which has been published by a renowned publisher.

In addition to his academic basic qualifications which include B.E, MBA, UGC-NET, MH-SET, Prof. Tirpude has pursued further education and holds numerous certifications in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics. These additional qualifications demonstrate his commitment to staying updated with the latest trends and technologies in the field. He has also delivered multiple seminars and workshops on data analytics and data visualization for in different corporate houses, enriching the knowledge and skills of aspiring professionals.

He is a dedicated and accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in both academia and the corporate sector. His expertise in Marketing and Human Resource Management, combined with his research contributions and passion for continuous learning, make him an asset to academic fraternity and the field of management studies.

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